Focus Finance, LLC

Thank you for choosing Focus Finance for your insurance policy needs.

Focus Finance offers flexible payment options to allow you to pay your insurance premiums over time.

This allows you to pick the policy that best fits your needs without the stress of an upfront, lump sum payment you weren’t expecting.

Contact your independent agent to see if Focus Finance can help with your other insurance needs.





About Focus Finance

Focus Finance is a Team Focus company associated with insurance policies written through local agents and MacNeill Group®. We give policyholders of these local agents flexible plans to pay their insurance policy premiums over time. Once these local agents help their clients with a policy through MacNeill Group and choose Focus Finance for their payment plan, policyholders pay the insurance premiums due to Focus Finance using this website.


Focus Finance, LLC

Team Focus is one of the most innovative and diversified companies of its size in the world, serving the property and casualty insurance industry for over seven decades across the P&C insurance ecosystem including distribution, operational services (underwriting, policy management and customer service), risk and claims management.

It is the parent brand for a lineup of insurance organizations, most notably MacNeill Group® (a licensed managing general agent specializing in commercial, personal, transportation and flood lines), Focus Finance and Focus Technologies. To its credit, Team Focus Insurance Group has helped build over 20 insurance companies from the ground up, and that experience continues to fuel the ongoing innovation of the services provided by Focus Finance.