Welcome To Team Focus

While we understand the importance of the individual, it’s never been about just one person for us…it’s about the team…Team Focus.

Team Focus has a history of financial stability, growth through innovation, and constant progress. If you have an interest in joining a true team, one in which individual members thrive and build on the success of the whole, it’s time for us to talk.

When you join Team Focus, you immediately become one of our most trusted and important assets. That means you can look past the paycheck and excellent benefits to an environment that will help you grow and accomplish your personal goals and objectives through teamwork.

Get in touch with us and explore the potential advantages of a career with Team Focus Insurance Group.

Employment Benefits

As a result of being focused on our people, we offer a comprehensive benefit package to all regular, full-time team members.

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Pet; Flexible Spending Account
  • Competitive Salaries
  • 401K Match
  • Work-Life Balance: Personal Days, PTO Days, 12 Paid Holidays, Two Paid Days for Volunteer Service, Paid Parental Leave
  • Short and Long-Term Disability
  • Employee Support Programs, Including Mental Health
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Matching Charitable Gift Program
  • Lucrative Referral Program
  • Discount partnerships: including cell phone discounts, vacation planning, meal planning, fitness and more
  • Flexibility: Remote and Hybrid Opportunities Available


Employee Testimonials


Reynier O., Sr. Software Engineer

Reynier has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since 2015. Since joining our team as a Junior Developer, he has progressed to the role of Dev Lead for a dedicated client.

“I really enjoy the work I do. I have a very visible role with one of our major clients, and I enjoy the challenges it brings. Having to marry the tech side of myself with the business side to decipher their needs and anticipate their wants is actually really fun. It helps that the client has created an environment where we can all learn and communicate openly.

I know many companies tout that they are a ‘family’ as part of a marketing slogan. I am cynical enough to roll my eyes when I read that. However, this company has made a believer out of me. I feel appreciated, I feel cared for, and, above all, I feel that I am wanted on this team. If being part of something that makes you feel special for 8-10 hours a day is on your ‘dream job’ checklist, then this is the company for you.”

Tessa J., Underwriter

Tessa has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since March 2022. Since joining our team, she has received two promotions.

“I attribute my success to the unwavering support and encouragement of leaders and colleagues, as well as the abundance of available resources.

What I really appreciate about Team Focus Insurance Group is their support of my education and growth. They provide continued educational recourses such as the Learning Center, USLI, and Total CSR.”


Taylor B., Underwriter

Taylor has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since August 2022.

“I enjoy the work I do, reviewing inspections and learning new things about insurance every day. I love being able to know I have a purpose.

I have been recognized for my hard work, which can be rare at other companies. I always feel seen, heard, and appreciated when I come to work. My supervisors were always the main reason; they pushed me so hard to get where I am.

I receive immense support from my current supervisor. He always acknowledges me and checks in on me to make sure everything is going all right.”


Gina-Marie M., Sr Accountant

Gina-Marie has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since July 2023.

“What I like best about working for Team Focus Insurance Group is the people. By far we have the best team here and they make it possible for me to do my best every day!

The leadership team doesn’t ignore our opinions, they encourage us to bring forward ideas and tell them what is working and why.

This is the perfect workplace if you like being both challenged and pushed but also supported by a leadership team that cares about their employees – not just on a work level but also on a personal level.”


Tracy J., Customer Care Representative

Tracy has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since October 2022.

“The experience of working in this challenging job helps me to grow both professionally and personally. I learn something new every day.

Sometimes the calls can be difficult, but the supervisors are supportive and tell you to take a minute or two to breathe when it becomes overwhelming. Great leadership is key to any job, but this one is exceptional.”


Leadership Insights


Nicole Preston, Director of Client Experience

Nicole has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since 2006. Since joining our team as a Customer Service Representative, she has held several roles including Underwriting Tech, Underwriter, Team Leader, Supervisor, Manager – and is now at the Director level.

Nicole’s current role entails oversight of two call centers and the Underwriting Processing Team.

What she enjoys most about her role is assisting with her team’s development and helping them achieve their goals.

Nicole loves cultivating a supportive environment where team members can thrive and work to their full potential. She brings strong coaching and mentoring ability, as evident in the number of leaders throughout the organization whose insurance careers began within her department.

“We tell our new Customer Service Reps that this is not just another call center job, but a pathway to a career in the insurance industry. The beauty of this is that it is not just my story, but the story of so many others here at Team Focus!”



Jill Morales, Manager of Client Experience

Jill has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since 2013. She joined our team processing underwriting support tasks such as policy endorsements and cancellations. Jill quickly excelled in her role and was promoted to Underwriter. Following that career development, she went on to advance to the positions of Team Lead, Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, and finally to her current role of Manager.

Jill attributes her success to the company’s exceptional leaders, training, and tools, all of which she says supported her advancement.

What Jill loves best about working for Team Focus Insurance Group are the people, culture, leaders, and the continuous opportunity for professional growth and development.

“In hiring new team members, a positive attitude and work ethic are most important. Another big component for me is to try to understand the candidates’ desire to learn and be adaptable. Skills can be learned by anyone if they’re teachable by being open to learning.”


David DeVargas, Supervisor of Client Experience

David has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since November of 2021.

When hiring for his team, David said he is drawn to individuals who will fit well within the team’s culture, which is a tight-knit group. He also looks for those who have demonstrated consistent quality and the desire to continuously learn. David also said he can successfully train anyone to do the job if they are open to learning and being coached!

“I love that my day-to-day job is never the same. You can never forecast a day and that is what keeps leaders on their toes. No matter what each day brings, we all need to follow company procedures, but our leaders are empathetic and supportive at the same time.”


Kristine Sanchez, Supervisor, Client Experience

Kristine has been with Team Focus Insurance Group since May 2004.

As a leader, Kristin provides her team members with feedback on their performance, and together, they leverage their strengths and work together to create developmental plans that help them accomplish their career goals and gain new insights into different career opportunities.

When assessing possible new team members, Kristine looks for customer-focused candidates. This entails empathy, active listening skills, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Kristine also values candidates who demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in their work. The ability to quickly learn new skills, adapt to changing circumstances, and thrive in dynamic environments is essential for success.

“My favorite thing is the opportunity to inspire and empower others to reach their full potential. Being able to make a positive impact on their professional and personal lives, seeing them overcome challenges, and witnessing their success is very rewarding.”